24 Styles for Antique Candle Holders

May 19th

Candles are one of the most important traditions we have preserved over the years; It is a moment that fills you with joy, holiness and pride. It is the most private moment of the week that you can have with you. However, like everything, sometimes the routine stops us, depresses us or makes us lose interest.  You can use these tips as you like most, either to decorate the special candles you are using or if you prefer to keep a sober and serious style for the antique candle holders you dedicate. You can separate the candles you decorated and use them for purely decorative purposes. So that they light up your dinner, your evening and bring beauty to the house on Shabbat, more than like the sacred candles that you light every Friday.

Small Glass Candle Holders

We seek that the decorations that we offer you are new, extravagant and easy to make.  Look in your drawers and cabinets, maybe you have glasses of champagne and wine that you like, but you almost do not use them. You can use them as candlesticks for your candles; it gives a new and serious style to the room. These are glasses of champagne that were placed on their heads. However, you can also use wine glasses to fill them with sand or pebbles and place tea candles inside. It looks very beautiful

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Sometimes you have a set of cups and teapots that are incomplete or have defects that you do not dare to use with your guests, or just ones that you like a lot. They are the perfect chandeliers for your candles. You can fill them with wax or paraffin and put a wick on them; or if you do not want the candle to remain inside the container. You can put sand, prevent the wax from sticking, and place a tea candle inside the container. Putting a mirror under your candles will make them reflect and produce a stronger light.

You can arrange the candles as a centerpiece. But remember that on Shabbat they cannot move, so they must be place in a certain way that does not get in the way of dinner. A perfect candlestick can be the bottles. Because the thickness of your mouth is usually the perfect one to place the candles. There are several ways to use them; the simplest of all is simply to arrange bottles of different colors and place the candle on top. However, you can also cut the bottles and put them in different ways to make different shapes as in these candelabras that use a cork to join two parts.