Bunk Bed Plans, What’s So Good About It?

Jun 3rd

Decorating a small room usually becomes a difficult task, but it can also be a catalyst for creativity. This is especially true when we talk about a child’s bedroom. Today we present you extraordinary solutions to make the most of the space available in small children’s rooms – like more than original bunk bed plans, the placement of suspended beds and other ingenious exits. Do not miss these super deco ideas for small children’s rooms! Look what ideas! A small room – or even a medium-sized room – can have a double function as a play room / study area and as a bedroom, if you use a high bed .

White Bunk Bed

In addition, if what we are looking for is that our two or three children can sleep in the same room, surely the best solution is that offered by the classic bunk beds , which allow us to place two or more beds in the same space occupied by one. A decorative effect that produces a greater sense of depth is the horizontally paint stripes, losing themselves to infinity in an imaginary vanishing point. On the other hand, vertical stripes are very used to counteract low ceilings. Since they give the impression that the walls are longer and consequently the roof is higher.

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And always remember this trick of pro: the ceilings painted in white favor the feeling of gaining height. The bed in a bedroom usually presents a leading position if there is room for leftovers. But in small rooms it is more convenient to place it next to the wall . With this we clear as much space as possible. Creating an effect of visual amplitude in a very simple way. Choosing the right color is the basis for visually expanding the space of a room. The light colors in the furniture and the walls will bring luminosity. And a sense of space to the stay of your children.

Better discards dark and intense colors because they absorb natural light and the space looks visually smaller than it is. Children and adolescents spend a lot of time at the desk or in front of the computer. And it is convenient to create an environment that helps to capture more natural light. And that does not fall on them. If your child’s room is small, bet on whites, creams, chickpeas, sand, even light grays . You will not fail! Don’t forget check our gallery to inspire you!