How to Clear Plastic Vases

May 29th

Clear plastic vases can show much more than flowers. Whether you are looking for themed subjects or everyday furnishings, give a transparent vase a solid start. Many craft shops sell vase beads, which are pieces of colored plastic that you can use to fill your vases. But there are plenty of other options that will express your creativity while improving your interior design.

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Create a cafĂ©-inspired mine with your plastic vases by filling it with roasted coffee beans. Use the cheap things because you do not want to brew them afterwards; If you can find unroasted beans, make them with dark beans, parfait-style. Insert long black straws or stir sticks in the vase, making coffee beans to keep them upright. If you share the best ends with scissors or a knife, you can slide sugar packages into them, making sweet “flowers” for the vase. Family and guests can pick out a “flower” and have their sugar and stir everything in one.

Bed Decanter

If you have a small clear plastic vase that is food grade (no lead or other toxic content), look for a clear or colored plastic vases that fits over the vase neck as a lid. Fill the vase with filtered water and place it on the nightstand table every night before bed. The tumbler serves as a drinking glass and a lid to keep dust and debris from your nightly supplies of water. Guests and family will appreciate the service. In warm weather, fill the vase with ice in the evening and let it slowly melt. Place an absorbent rollercoaster under the vase to catch some “sweat” that forms like cold glass and warm air meets.

Tea Time Point

Create peaceful tea-time decor of a clear plastic of vase with a relatively wide mouth. Fill the vase with dry long grain rice – use white, brown, wild or a mix – until the rice is about 1 inch below the vase lip. Stick a thin conical light that matches your mugs or tea service in the rice until it’s steady. Tie a matching band around the vassal neck. Create a peaceful tea ceremony by placing a rice vase with a lit candle next to each envelope, then serving aromatic jasmine mint. Clear plastic vases serve as an empty cloth for marriages or parties, as well as a variety of home decorative purposes. Use a mix of shapes and sizes along a cloak or buffet, and fill with multicolored items for a rainbow effect. Mix flowers and nonlocal elements in low vases, or create topiary-style arrangements in torn vessels. Include aromatic herbs and spices for fragrant accents in the kitchen or bathroom.