Cool Bookends by Recycling a Diy Glass Jar

Jun 3rd

Decoration pieces can also be useful. In this case we will create cool bookends with recycled materials that will end up being a beautiful and versatile object of decoration. We can use it as a vase or candle holder. Everything is useful when holding books so that they do not lie down we talk. Even other books already lying down support us if we do not want to complicate our lives too much. But who said easy? If it were easy, we would not be here looking for all the magic combination of until, recycled and decorative, right? The truth is that if we need a bookend in the market we can find many and cheap. The reason for doing it ourselves, besides the pleasure of doing things with our “hands”, will be to combine it with that piece of furniture.

Wooden Bookends Plans

That shelf or simply put into practice our ability to combine things. In this case we will combine some simple wooden boards with a glass jar, recycled of course. Which we will attach to the wood with a simple and inexpensive clamp (of those that use the plumbers) purchased for the measurement of our boat. With these three simple things we can make original bookends diy. We will give the wood a weathered finish with paint of various colors. But first we will proceed to join the two pieces with white glue. And also some screws previously practicing guide holes. Of course the finish should be the one that most matches us with the final decoration. As is logical, there will be a part of the clamp that will be the clamping screw.

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My advice is that you take the measure well before attaching the clamp to the wood. So that, once tightened holding the jar, that the screw is more hidden on one side. And also in a position to be easily tightened or loosened to remove the jar. Of course, needless to say, you have to pay attention when taking the measure to hold the clamp. Under the jar you have to leave enough space for it to come out and enter when you want to change the water, leaving a few centimeters at the base of the jar. Remember, to do this decorative bookends you will need some materials. The materials that we will need to make our bookends are: 2 wooden boards of 13 x 20 cm and 13 x 10 cm. And of course the glass jars. Also clamp, chalk paint, wax and screws.