Custom Some Decorative Bookends

Jun 7th

If your hobby is reading, one of your passions and you like to use books as a decorative room, you may want to add an element to the decorative bookends. To be totally personalized and different I propose three crafts with which you can make them with your own hands. There are three different ways to get unique and ordinary bookends. And they are very easy to do. The first DIY we are going to see consists of making custom bookends featuring other material. This type of plants are ideal for indoor and allow you to decorate the rooms in many different ways.

Wood Bookends

Today we are going to use contemporary bookends so that your books are always well ordered on the bookshelf. The first thing you will do is get the succulents that you will need. They have many shapes and varied colors, so there will be plenty to choose from. Then, take an old wooden material or some paper to remove the succulents from the pots. Separate the succulents from the soil surrounding the roots. Finally, you will need two crystal glasses. One of them must fit inside the other and there must be a few centimeters free between the outer edge of the interior and the inner edge of the large one.

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This hole you will fill with small stones (white, brown, the color that you like). You can even put some in the bottom of the large glass to raise the smallest and highlight the plant, which you must place in the small glass introducing the land you had previously reserved. Keep putting stones until only the leaf of the succulent is visible. The second idea, taken from the magazine, consists of painting bricks in white and gold. These are the colors bookends diy choose in the example, but you can do it with the ones you like the most. To cover the matte gray of the brick applies one or two layers of white spray paint.

When it’s dry, make the design you prefer with the bodybuilder’s ribbon and apply a new layer of gold or whatever you have choose to create your bookends target geometric pattern. With these guidelines, you will learn to design a spectacular invisible bookend. If you want all the prominence to fall on your books or you do not have space on the shelf to place something else, it is the one that you should choose. First get one or several old books in a thrift store. Or better yet: you can use one that you have forgotten in your house.