Find a Fashionable Daybed Mattress Cover

Jun 5th

Day beds are perfect for unexpected guests and for rooms that are too small for a full-size mattress. The sofa-bed frame usually uses a single mattress, making it difficult to find a fashionable daybed mattress cover. With a few simple tools and a sewing machine, it is easy to build a cover that will make a striking statement for this functional piece of furniture. Traditional daybeds use an ordinary double mattress, but some have custom mattresses. Record the measurements for the width (of seam pipes for sewing pipes) and the length of the bed.

Twin Daybed Cover

Measure from the seam of pipes on the edge of the bed to the floor. If the floor is covered, a carpet or it will be use next to the bed, measure the top of this article.  If the bed is in a room with other fabrics, take a photo of the room or also bring samples of fabric to match the new material divan. Bring the bed measurements and the conversion table. Ask attendees for suggestions for bedding fabrics. If you plan to use the bed as seats, select a heavy, sturdy fabric for wear. Also select a fabric with a resistance to additional trips to the clothes and remain faded. Buy thread of the same color.

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Remove the measurements from the top and also sides of the mattress. These will be the main pieces of fabric for the cover. Make sure that the figures incorporate the seam allowance for all seams. Starting sewers must transfer these measurements to make pieces of the pattern, but it is easy to place the fabric on the ground and cut the pieces of measurements. Place the fabric, leaving the lid in place. Make sure the fold is even and the saves (the harder ends) are even. If it is uneven, iron the fabric so that the top and all the edges are exact. This will allow the design of the fabric and any textures that appear even on the sofa-bed.

Use measurements of length of top of bed as first measurement. Use dressmaker pins or chalk to indicate where to cut this piece. Take lateral measurements and pin or chalk these pieces. Depending on width of fabric, there may be room to put side panels parallel to top piece of cover. If cover is create of a natural fiber, wash fabric before constructing cover. Some fabrics shrink and this will make cover too small for bed if it is create without allowing material to shrink. Make sure that nap (textured surface) and a unidirectional pattern are facing in correct direction before cutting.