Luxury Full Size Loft Bed Frame

Jun 7th

If we have a few meters at home, we are many in the family, or only have a micro apartment to live. We must sharpen the ingenuity so that both the decoration. And the distribution of small spaces is as functional as aesthetic. Avoiding the whole to be variegated or with too many things in between. At the same time, we always associate the beds up to the full size loft bed frame in the children’s rooms. However, there are many methods to also locate, why not, the double bed in the heights.

Wooden Twin Loft Bed

It is true that for that we must have a ceiling of a height greater than the average if we want to avoid bumps when getting out of bed. And that also has some drawback (especially in the case of standard high beds with portable ladders or boat ). Such as having to disturb the couple if they have to go to the bathroom at midnight. Or the discomfort to make the bed. But when there is no space, being able to get a free space on the floor of about 4m2 (2 × 2) can result a luxury and the effort compensates.

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On the other hand, there are solutions and designs for all tastes that try to avoid these obstacles. From custom build a high structure that incorporates a fix. And also comfortable ladder to climb (as a double floor). Up to lift beds, which they go up and down a few rails until they reach almost to the ceiling. Being practically camouflage during the day and going down to a more comfortable height to sleep at night. Also allowing them to be place on floors whose ceiling height leaves no room for other options.

In any case, the main advantage of placing the bed high. Whether in children’s or matrimonial rooms. It is that they allow freeing a space below to place a desk and study area, a small dressing room, storage cupboards. And even a bathroom, a kitchen or a small living room with its sofa, armchair and TV area. This helps not only to get a more practical and functional house. But also contributes a plus to the decoration, since it brings spaciousness and a sense of space to tiny areas. In case that is your case, we leave you some ideas to decorate small spaces with beds up for you to put them into practice. See you soon!