Fall in Love with Hidden Bookcase Door

May 20th

If your house is very small and you are looking to make the most of the space, you have probably also been tempted to use the surface of the doors to store or display your books or decorative objects. We do not think it’s a good idea, and then we explain why. A hidden bookcase door is a constructive element that is not static, that opens and closes, and precisely that lack of stability is what does not suit a piece of furniture that is designed to exhibit objects. With movement, it is very easy for such items to fall, making this solution a constant source of accidents. In the case of decorative objects made of materials that can break. Such as glass or ceramic, our new dresser will not fulfill the main function for which it was design. Which is to keep our belongings intact.

Wall Hidden Doors

We will create a custom wooden bookcase open in front, the width of the entrance and with enough height to hide the wheels of the sliding door system. We will give, to be of wood, a rustic finish. The purpose of the bookshelf will be the placement of books and decorating at the same time. We will join the shelf to the sliding door system that we have previously install. Ideally, two bars to anchor the shelf and these are attach directly to the wheels of the sliding system.

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Once finished we will have a new shelf that will hide the entrance to another room. As dangerous as the pieces of cutting materials. It can be the blows on our body of heavy objects, such as books, etc. Doubly undesirable we think this solution in the case of spaces for children. Since they are usually not very careful when placing their toys, objects. And their anatomy is much more sensitive than that of adults to impacts, cuts…

In addition to the mishaps that can cause. Another reason why this idea does not seem good is its low maneuverability. It does not seem like such a bad idea, on the other hand, when the door hides the entrance to a certain room of the house. Since in this way it can go completely unnoticed to unwanted observers. All the shelving doors that we have present so far are collapsible. But this solution can also be apply to sliding doors. Which although they are just as heavy as the previous ones. The fact of moving by sliding and not turning makes them more stable.