Installing Plastic Floor Mat

May 30th

Plastic floor mat is a comfortable and relatively inexpensive alternative to laying a new floor over an existing floor in your home. Vinyl flooring is made of polyvinyl chloride and plasticizer, and is available in different colors and textures, depending on the manufacturer. To get the most out of the life and value of your new vinyl floor, you need several tools integrated installation.

Plastic Mat Universal

Tools to Prepare Floors

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Before you can install plastic floor mat, the floor must be clean, level and even. If you have any cracks in the floor, you must fill them with an epoxy filler or concrete patch, which you can buy at any major hardware store. When filling has dried, carefully sweep or vacuum the floor to remove all dust and particles. To check if your floor has any flaws or junk, put a car problem lamp on the floor and shine light over the floor. You may be able to rent a car lamp from a utility rental shop or your local car repairer. If you see any depressions, you must fill them, and if you see any bumps, you must sand them with a hand slip so the floor is smooth.

Tools for square floors

Before you place your first vinyl tile, you need to make a tray line to help guide where you will put tile. For this you need a chalk line. A chalk link will pull out as a tape measure. You will also need an assistant to use the chalk line. The assistant can hold one end of the line so you can drag the line into the air and let it snap back on the plastic mat, creating the chalk line where you will place your first row of tiles. When you make your chalk line, you can make it darker with a straight edge and a pencil. This will allow you to still see the line when you put the glue on top of it.

Tools to Cut Tile

There are two options for the tile cutting tool. If you have a small area and do not have to cut as many trays, you can use a simple razor blade knife. If you are going to cut a lot of tiles, consider hiring a vinyl tile. You need a toothpick to spread the glue on the floor. You may also want to keep a damp cloth close to you so that if glue strikes between plates or gets on the surface of the tiles, you can quickly wipe away.