How to Make Paper Lantern Lights

May 30th

The simple elegance found in both traditional and modern paper lantern lights decor has made it a popular design choice in America. Asian lanterns combine soft light with neutral, pure color on rice paper to get the simplified beauty of Asian-inspired decor to your interior design system.

Lantern Lights LED


Find a shape for your thread frame by selecting an object that has a similar shape, so you can easily thread the thread around it. For example, if the paper lantern lights will be round, find a round object that is a bit smaller than the lantern you want to do. Keep in mind that the finished project is the cable around the object, so it will only get a little bigger. Wrap the wire around the object, leaving extra cable on both the bottom and the top of the lamp. These “loose ends” will turn into the base later. The length can be what you want, but it should be long enough to walk around the object more than once. Bend extra cable at the bottom of the frame (where you started the object) so it overlaps the opening of the frame. This will act as a kind of basis for the odor.

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When looking at it from below, it should look like the circuit of a no-smoking sign with a line going through it. Do the same with the extra thread at the top of the frame. Ideally, they should be a reflection of each other, so when you look up through the lamp the crossed threads are parallel. Cut out sufficient strips of rice paper to cover the sides of the lamp. Depending on what you prefer, this may be done in a few different ways. The easiest way, especially for spherical lanterns, is to cut a single strip that can go all the way around; however, this can be difficult if the surface of the wire frame is still somewhat uneven. It can also create ugly slots at the top and bottom of the frame if it does not cut exactly fit to size.

Another way is to cut smaller strips that should vertically around the perimeter of the sphere. This is more time consuming, but may work better if the first option does not work. You can easily overlap the pieces all the way around for a better fit. Glue paper to the wire frame. Keep the paper stretched, start from above and work to the bottom. Rice glue that works best for this, but you can use any glue that can be used safely on paper. Let the paper dry up to a day before hanging any kind of bulb. String the bulb from the top cross the wire thread of the frame, and hang it on a level that you are comfortable with inside the lantern. Make sure it does not hang under the frame of the lamp.