Ruffle Shower Curtain Design

May 30th

Finding the right ruffle shower curtain that fits your decor and budget can be a challenge, but you can do a shower drapery with some knowledge and some tools. You will also enjoy having a one-of-a-kind shower curtain that you designed to perfectly match your furnishings.

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Use an old shower curtain as a pattern, cut the fabric. Add 3 inches to the top, 2 inches on the bottom for length and 1 inch on each side to allow seams. Or, measure the shower entrance width and length from the rod to where you want the shower curtain to fall, add inches for length and seams. Fold 1 inch on each side for seams. Either sews down or uses double-sided tape fusible and iron down. Measure a 1/4 inch seam on top, fold down and iron. Then measure an additional 2 1/2 inches, fold and iron. At this point, either sews the seam down with a straight stitch using a sewing machine, or cut double sided no sewing straps to the width of the curtain.

Measure and cut carry straps (with backrests) to fit on top of your curtain. Sew or use ironing tape to attach the sleeve to the top of the curtain (do this on the wrong side of the curtain.) Cut the fabric inside each feed ring. It helps if you make an X with the scissors inside the penetration circle and then cut each piece out. At the front of the curtain, take the decorative ring rings that are part of the ribbon, and snap the rings by hand. Waterproof curtain by placing the right side in a well-ventilated area and spraying with a dirt spray. Spray evenly. Let dry, and then spray another jacket. Allow to dry completely. Weave the collars through the shower bar. Hangzhou.

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Follow steps 1 and 2 in section 1. Lay the curtain panel flat, and at the top, beginning at one end of the panel, mark a space for the buttonhole or opening that the hook will go through. You will need 12 holes, so measure and space evenly (about 4.5 inches apart). Finish the bottom edge. Push shower curtain hooks through both the plastic liner and the outer curtain. Use the button option on your sewing machine and make 12 buttonholes where you have selected. Open the hook holes with a scissor or a sewing razor. Load shower hooks through the finished curtain and plastic lining. Hang on the shower bar.

Tips and warnings

If you still want to use shower curtain hooks and do not have sewing skills or a sewing machine, use a small implement tool and place the 12 collars in the top stitch. Make sure the hooks you use will fit the size of the implement as you purchase. Fabric that is 36 inches wide can be used, but you will need to buy additional fabric and sew it together in the middle.