Curious Tree Stump Side Table

Nov 16th
Tree Stump Furniture Table Round

Good morning friends, in today’s space I leave you with this curious table made from a piece of wooden trunk. If you love natural decoration, I think that this type of tree stump side table is ideal for your spaces. Of course, the natural magnetism and the protagonist, within any decoration, do not take it from anyone. This surface acts as an auxiliary table, where to put magazines, coffee or glasses. Gives an extravagant point in the decoration of the home. You can also do it yourself in just a few steps, if you have a stump close to home that you can take, a piece of tree that you can take advantage of or similar, take it.

Once you have it at home, you should detach yourself from the entire external cortex of the trunk. This is so that it is softer, to eliminate any desquamation of the bark. If the tree is old, surely you can peel the trunk without any problem. Provide good gloves and some tool to help you. When you finish doing this, everything else is easy. Take coarse-grained sandpaper and pass it all over the stump. You must remove any debris that could damage your hands, sand all the wood and help with increasingly soft sandpaper.

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I love the natural environments and the Nordic style to decorate, so wood must be present. This material is one of the fundamental pillars of this type of decoration … in addition to the white color. Surely from now on when you see one of these stumps, you will think twice about removing it or not from the garden. If you decide to eliminate it, think that you can use it inside your home.

If your home is small and you do not fit the whole stump, think about doing other things such as small pots, wooden racks, small shelves or other things that you can think of. Finally, a rag passes, which does not leave any fuzz and removes all the rest of the sawdust. Now you have several options, either give a sealer and ready or a little clear varnish or with some shade. You can also paint the stump of the color you want; sincerely I prefer its natural color or perhaps a whitish shade. Finally add some wheels to the table, this way you can move it without problems when cleaning or wanting to put it elsewhere in the house.

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