Vintage Ideas Apothecary Furniture

May 24th

Apothecary furniture – Originally born for the storage of spices, medicines, wines and many other elements. The concept includes furniture with a large number of small drawers and jars or containers made of glass and wood. Thanks to its own charm, the vintage apothecary is one of the fastest ways to incorporate pieces with a high aesthetic value to the environments. The ancient merchants of medieval Europe were the first to use them. Because of the need to market various products. This type of storekeepers went beyond the barriers of time to be today, hundreds of years later, furniture or decorative details of outstanding and elegant presence.

Vintage Oak Apothecary Cabinet
Vintage Oak Apothecary Cabinet

Encompassing different types of pieces. It is necessary to clarify that when referring to the vintage apothecary. Not only must classic furniture be thought of. Since antique jars and containers with a certain beauty are also contemplate within this large group of objects. Currently, the recreational environment of a vintage apothecary enjoys an incredible predilection on the part of many decorators who love unique elements. Charged with special attractions generated by the antiquated and delicate characteristics of each element. Especially those that were handcrafted.

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Image of: Vintage Oak Apothecary Cabinet

The impressive variety of sizes and existing designs allows a better adaptation of the vintage apothecary to essentially modern or contemporary environments. As with the old furniture, the sales of used products are the main stores in which the search should begin to find unique items. On the other hand, if it is impossible to locate furniture, vases or bottles with the vintage apothecary style. It is possible to acquire excellent quality replicas on the market. That perfectly recreate the spirit of a style that has lasted for years. Undoubtedly, in recent seasons is that the vintage apothecary has been experiencing an incredible valuation by professional decorators and fans internationally.

And it’s not just for vintage or classic interiors. In modern interiors a touch of vintage style looks even more striking and fresh. We have already shown some ideas to incorporate vintage cabinets and cupboards. And today we want to show you how to use another very popular item: the apothecary’s cabinet. If you already have one, you’re in luck. Do not throw it away and let’s see how you can add a nervous touch to your interior with it. Most entrances have enough space to accommodate a console table, large or small.  An apothecary cabinet is a great piece for an entrance. Because it has enough storage space both inside and on the top.