Vintage Vanity Table Ideas

May 30th

Vintage vanity table can easily be bought in a store, but if furniture is to be special, you can do it yourself. Build your own vanity table by first determining its dimensions and then getting the material needed to complete the project

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Determine the size of the vanity table. A small table can measure 18 inches deep by 30 inches wide. Measure and mark 2-times-4 discs for the frame in the table with tape measure and pen. Two boards will need to measure 18 inches and two boards will need action 27 inches. Cut 2-times-4 discs with circular saw. Place pieces of wood together in the form of a rectangle. Drill two holes in the corners where two wooden pieces meet the drill. Secure wood pieces together with wooden screw with drill. Measure and label the plywood board 18 inches by 30 inches for the top of the table. Cut plywood with circular saw. Place the cut piece of plywood over the frame. Secure plywood to 2-times-4-frame with a wooden screw. Pick up, stupid and set it face with the floor. Measure and mark 2-times -4 on board to a length of 33 inches. Cut two pieces to this length, for table legs, with circular saw.

Set one of the cut 2-times-4 discs vertically in the upper left corner of the frame. The wide side of 2-times-4 should be facing the short end of the frame. Drill two holes in the frame and 2-times-4 board with drill. Fasten the boards together with screws. Repeat this step for the other table legs. Measure the wall where the table will be placed at a height of 31 inches. Make a mark on the wall with pencil. Find the rules in the wall with the control detector. Show up against the wall. Drill two holes in the 2- times-4 frame and into the rails. Secure the frame in the wall with a wooden screw.

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Cover the screw holes in the wooden kittens table. Sand and paint the table to match the room. Attach a mirror to the wall above the vanity table. Modern metal vanity, available in a variety of styles, has been blown or ornate metal. Shelves can be made of glass supported by metal, such as wrought iron, or simply an open metal shelf. Metal benches with ornaments complement design. Metal vanity tables appeal to the desire for stylish, easy-to-care design that creates an airy atmosphere while retaining a touch of elegance.