Very Valuable Wall Mount Spice Rack

May 17th

Having a wide variety of spices in your hand can improve the flavor of your meals. A wall mount spice rack is a very valuable kitchen tool to keep your seasonings available and organized to help you in your quest for fabulous cooking. If you have space in your kitchen, a piece of furniture or shelf is an ideal option. With it you will have room to store many different condiments, as well as cereals, rice or legumes. Look what good ideas! Following the line of furniture and shelves dedicated to spices, we have found this beautiful idea to further highlight the location of our condiments: paint a frame on the wall with chalk around the shelf of spices.

Wood Spice Rack

What is original? And the best: if one day we get tired, we can erase it. It’s the grace of chalk paint! There are many different types of spice racks: counter models, over-the-door types and rotating turntables on the carousel. But what if you want to make your own? Recycle old containers to store spices.  On the contrary, if you have little space, something simple and modern like this magnetic spice is perfect, since they are practical and give glamour to your kitchen for its current design.

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The small containers adhere to the object thanks to a magnet and usually have an adjustable rotating mechanism so that you can serve the spice contained in each bottle in different thicknesses. Small jars of glass baby food that works well. Wash them after use, create colored labels and tape to the outside of the jars. Use any small shelf that the jars have to show for easy use. Create a rainbow of colors from the jars by storing a wide range of spices in other jars to see through. Old glass jelly jars that work well, too. When assembling your own wooden surface, you will have to make your own labels.

Use a label maker, print your labels using a computer program. Or use a calligraphy pen to give them a more personal touch. It is a good idea to add not only the name of the spice, but also the date the container was filled. Most spices begin to lose their flavor after one year. The plastic containers are reusable. Instead of using the shelves to store your spices. Use a spinning turntable plate, available at discount and organization stores. You will be able to organize and stack the spices. And spin the tray just as you would with a rack of the spinning spice of the luxury carousel, but for a fraction of the cost.