Woodpecker Router Table Review

May 28th

The best carpenter will cut wood with woodpecker router table, augmented reality, to our service on the world of furniture. The truth is that I do not know whether to present it as something curious. Router table reviews 2017 as a spectacular breakthrough in the world of pattern making and wood cutting. That is one of the most useful implementations of augmented reality that I have encountered in recent times. Or at least it seems, since these things have to be tested to give an opinion on conditions, it is something that seems too new to me.

Woodpeckers Router Table Top
Woodpeckers Router Table Top

What is woodpeckers phenolic router table top review origin?. Well basically it is a machine to cut wood, but it has so much technology on it that we cannot go without giving it a presentation. What it offers is a way to create and cut templates. And follow them in the process of cutting through a screen. Woodpeckers phenolic router table top assists us in cutting wood. Makes us follow a template through augmented reality.

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This is where the augmented reality comes into play, and is that the cut line is drawn on it at the same time we actually see the wood through the eyes of a camera. It is as “simple” as following the line, and if we make a mistake or leave, the machine stops cutting. In principle, we are given to understand that you can be very clumsy in this. That the machine will assist you to make it as perfect as possible. In fact, in the video, we can see that you can leave tasks in pause and continue at another time. With the system saving the state of cut and the situation of the elements involved:

Stop Cutting Woodpecker Router Table

The grace of the matter begins before you begin to cut, and that is that you have to make a reconnaissance of the surface. To do this, it is necessary to place adhesive strips with patterns that will serve as a guide for drawing the virtual elements. Once this is in place, we have to determine which way we want to cut, and different devices can come into play; we can create the patterns in the computer, in a mobile device, or even. Phenolic router table top is able to create shapes from the interface we have on your screen. (there is a whole library of forms inside, customizable at the moment).

There are things that do not solve me with the information that Shaper shares. Such as the fact that the machine floats or has some kind of help when it comes to moving around the surfaces. It seems to me that this is not the case. What it does is to suck up the leftovers that the cut generates.